SoulSpray is a blend of organic natural oils, gem elixirs, colloidal silver and infused with Reiki energy and crystals. Each bottle has keepsake crystals inside and depending on the blend on the outside as well. I encourage people to reuse their bottle and create their own magic .

Nidhi has been a light worker since a child, absorbing Vedic teachings from her family in her birthplace of India. Her practice incorporates Sound, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Yoga therapy (specializing in Kundalini & Tibetan Yoga), Kabbalah, Native Shamanism, Feng Shui, Intuitive guidance and Spirit Counseling.

She is the creator of SoulSpray organic aromatherapy healing formula, Aumhome space and spirit clearing, and BlissBabes retreats for women. Her sessions at Menla are with sound, energetic healing and guided quantum meditation.

What They’re Saying about Nidhi

Dedicated to empowering women to live their truth and shine, Nidhi’s ability to facilitate transformational healing is powerful and inspiring

Alli Hutchins

This spray made me feel more beautiful than ever

Audra Banks

One whiff and all I felt was abundance !

Semisi Ma'u

There was a dead energy in my hotel room and with a few sprays I felt instantly more at peace and was able to sleep.

Nikki Crawford

I spray myself and then the conference room, and the meeting always goes my way.

Joanne Hart

I love the spray and the yogic consult was very helpful and meaningful to me. I also really enjoyed my communication with Nidhi. Thank you for a great experience.

Holly Bode